Wall Street Repo Men

Great article at NRO.

There is also a lesson in this tale from Instapundit.  Ben Nelson is not an evil man, but he was corrupted by this system.  And this corruption is in both parties.  There are still people who actually care about this country and do not want this corruption to continue.  Be it from Paulson and his Goldman Sach cronies working for Bush or Summer, Geithner, and Rubin and their Goldman Sach cronies working for Clinton and Obama.  And you don't think they are trying to back stop their positions with Romney if Obama goes down?  This insider corruption has to stop.

And it is frustrating that the one politician who gets it, is also completely nuts on most other issues and is unelectable.

Update:  But let's not forget who turbo charged the current depression we are in.

Update II:  Ace of Spades on the story...

Update III:  Hugh Hewitt does not like this article (what a surprise).

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