How dare you show your back to me, slave...

Below my twin commanded that I email her and her consort.  That sort of reminded me of this.

Definition of Bad Faith:   "If you've gotten a personal request from me or Meade and your response is to flout it, for example, by lecturing us about somebody else who you think is worse, that's quite telling."  


My twin explains how she determines bad faith:  

Paddy O said... "I think Trooper always commented in good faith, it was just more like a different religion."

I was very forgiving for a long, long time, but Meade and I have been reading and analyzing this more than you have -- unless you've been over-the-top obsessed with this blog for years -- and we arrived at the decision that he is one of the bad faithers. Sorry to say that.

12/22/11 10:00 AM 

Sort of like a meta Santa Claus, she is making a list and checking it twice...

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