RIP Sam Kinison (It was 20 years ago today, with an account of his last moments)

20 years.  Wow, I feel old.
RIP Sam.  RIP Rodney.
Paul Luvera Journal:  Report of Sam's last moments.
On Friday April 10, 1992 about 7:30 pm, Kinison and his wife were driving in a Pontiac Trans-am from Los Angeles to Laughlin, Nevada where he was going to perform before a sold out audience.  He was sober and drug free. Behind his car was his brother Bill and two other assistants in a van with Kinison’s dog. A couple of teenagers in a 1974 Chev truck were approaching the Trans-am on Highway 95 near the California-Nevada border. They had been drinking and the truck crossed the center line.  Sam saw the truck coming at him and managed to slow his car to 15 miles per hour in an effort to avoid a collision. 
In the van behind Kinison’s car his brother Bill saw the truck across the center line and yelled out "Watch out for that guy Sam, That guy’s in your lane" and then he screamed: "Watch him Sam! Watch him!"A tremendous crash followed and Bill skidded the van to a stop. He ran to check on his brother. The teenage driver had moderate injuries but his teenage passenger had only minor cuts and bruises. Sam had not been wearing a seat belt and the crash had thrown hm into the windshield. It knocked out Malika, but Kinison managed to get out of the car with what appeared to be only cuts on his lip and forehead. 
His brother and the others begged him to lay down and he did with his best friend, Carl LaBove, who had been in the following van. holding his head in his hands. At first it looked like there were no serious injuries to Kinison, but within minutes he suddenly said to no one in particular "I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die."  LaBove later said "it was as if he was having a conversation, talking to some unseen somebody else" some unseen person. Then there was a pause as if Kinison was listening to the other person speak. Then he asked "But why?" and after another pause LaBove heard him clearly say: "Okay, Okay, Okay.’ LaBove said: "The last ‘Okay’ was so soft and at peace...Whatever voice was talking to him gave him the right answer and he just relaxed with it. He said it so sweet, like he was talking to someone he loved." Kinson then lost consciousness. Efforts to resuscitate him failed. Kinison died at the scene from internal injuries. He was just thirty eight years old. 
After his death there was a lot of speculation about Sam Kinison's last conversation with an unseen companion and what was being said to him. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.
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