Meade said...
1. lawnboy spinelli

Can you name the other 10 of your fellow heros?
EBL said...
Actually I was waiting for you to give me the list of the Dirty Dozen.
Meade said...
Email me.
EBL said...

I am not Trooper, or J, just EBL. Is there mockery of recent events? Yes. Is it being done out of bad faith? No.

You should laugh and move on. Because I assure you wrecking your place is not my intention (and I doubt it is the intention of most of the others you deem to be the "Dirty Dozen"). The one commentator who truly acted in bad faith was J. And the comment about a dangerous neighborhood vs. a tyranical HOA community is a good one. There is a middle way. J should not have been deleted for being stupid, but for actively attacking other commentators. Personal attacks, not just disagreements over ideas. J was not clever, or funny, or interesting. He was mostly boring with occasional unacceptable bouts of abuse and creepiness.

I truly, in all sincerity, wish you both success and happiness in the future.

And you might remember that the Dirty Dozen were in the end the good guys.

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