The Lawnboy Cries Mary

Meade said...
Alright, it's been over an hour and no email. I was hoping you would reveal yourself to be someone else but I now know who you really are: Mary.
Ann Althouse said...
"If you've gotten a personal request from me or Meade and your response is to flout it, for example, by lecturing us about somebody else who you think is worse, that's quite telling."

It's quite telling because the idea of good faith is that you care about this blog and you want to add value. I'm fine with people disagreeing with me. I want all the debate. What catches me is people who are here to hurt this forum, to try to destroy it. These are the people who don't appreciate what I am doing here. And I really believe that if I or Meade says, directly to you, that you need to email, and then you don't, then you are not with me about the big project of maintaining a forum here. You have a bad motive. You are not giving us that very basic level of respect that says: I do value this forum. That is the sine qua non of good faith.
12/22/11 1:10 PM

sine qua non is Latin for "I do not like being made fun of."  

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