Weiner was wiener curious?

Why am I not surprised.

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Not that there is anything wrong with playing with wieners...

H/T and credit for photo (above):  Serr8d

This is just wrong:  

Mommy and Daddy Weiner walking down the street with their little Weiner in tow, dad looks back to the little one and says Ketch-up!

And one last one:  

Anthony Weiner and Chuck Schumer were sitting on a street corner in Brooklyn wondering if they should buy a beer with their last dollar. Weiner suggested that they buy a wiener. Schumer started bitching, complaining that he couldn't drink a hot dog. Weiner told him his idea.

"What we do is buy a wiener, go into a bar, and order two drinks. After we drink our beers you drop down to your knees, and I'll unzip my pants and pull out the wiener so you can suck on it. The bartender will throw us out thinking we're queers."

Schumer thought this was a great idea, so they bought a wiener. They went into the first bar, ordered their drinks, and drank them quickly. Then Schumer dropped to his knees and started to suck the wiener. Sure enough, the bartender kicked them out thinking they were gay.

They hit about ten or fifteen bars when Schumer started to complain about his knees hurting. He asked if in the next bar Weiner would do the kneeling work. Weiner said, "I'd rather not. I ate the hot dog after the second bar."

Then Weiner said, "Oh all right.  Anything for you Chuckie."

Update II:  

Anthony Weiner loves it!  

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