Why Ann Never Deleted J...Cruel Neutrality! (2011 in review)

It is good to know anti-semitism is not the "dominant" ideology at Althouse

It's Witchcraft!
Blogger Ann Althouse said...
Reasons why we didn't delete J in the past:
1. Strong aversion to any deletion, especially from someone purporting to push back the dominant ideology in the comments.
2. His personal style that involved some craftsmanship (in constructing ugliness).
3. Recognizing the style immediately and skimming over the comments, so that the stuff with actual threats was not noticed.
4. Other commenters around his who were also being insulting, making it hard to see who was the real problem and not wanting to have to delete whole long discussions, especially when they contained some good material.
5. Email from J, whining about how everyone was attacking him and claiming he was defending himself, leveraging that claim off of his being in the minority in terms of the political ideology of the commenters.
6. Not being impressed by complaints that came from people who were being part of the problem.
7. Not getting specific complaints that pointed to the actual worst of his comments.
All that taken together accounts for our tolerance.
12/22/11 4:16 PM

Hmmmm.  Yeah J was a bad actor, but it is all someone else's fault.  The smug self righteousness of that post is gagging.  The continuing saga over at the Althouse comment thread goes on...tell us Ann, how did that work out for you?

I know I should not care about this.  That nasty piece of work shat over all of Ann's commentators (and Ann too) and Ann took it out against her long time commentators.  In the end the predictable revolt is sort of like cutting the turkey before Ann showed up (because she was late in dealing with this mess).  And she is never going to forgive those who called her on it.  So despite the fact the evidence is overwhelming how toxic J was, Ann has an excuse why it took so long to act.  And Ann does have a thing about turkeys.  Sort of explains why J was around so long.

But what do I know, I am just a cow (and her twin).  Now some  criticize Ann over differences over political ideology or other stranger reasons.  I am not in that camp.  I support her site.  I want you to go there.   I assume she does not think all that deeply about politics (nothing wrong with that) and just wants to blog along.  Don't we all?   I want my twin to be happy.  But in her mind I must be evil...or acting in bad faith, because if I am not then the alternative is...

Update:  Trooper is right.  It is time to move on.  

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