Buxom Alec Baldwin

Here is a funny Separated at Birth

Alec Baldwin — my life. My love. My soul mate.My supersized forbidden fruit!With passion such as this emanating from every last sweaty orifice of dear Alec’s being, how could I not be completely smitten at the sight of him? I cough. I tremble.I lunge for the remote control to stay awake.You’d think the buxom TV star, bridegroom-to-be (ha!), lefty politician wannabe and target of a super-hot, lovesick Canadian alleged stalker would have better things to do with his day than fixate on little old me...
Buxom?  As they say, read the whole thing.
And here is an old classic.  Yes, you are worthless Alec Baldwin.

h/t:  Jamie Wearing Fool and Ace of Spades

Update:  Okay, okay.  Shtetl G had this clip at JWF and it is funny. Frankly the only time Alec Baldwin ever makes sense anymore is when he is trying to parody conservatives on 30 Rock.  

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