Does Gawker have a mole in Fox News?

Gawker reports it has a mole feeding them information from Fox News.

Seeing Sean Hannity and Mitt Romney chat before an interview did not seem that weird to me.  Is this is all they got?
Of course, it is not like President Obama ever has an embarrassing moment on film
(I think he is acting out 
Where The Wild Things Are but it is a funny picture...)  
He looks pretty worn out in this one.  Meh.

So this is sort of a Tinker Tailor Solider Spy?  Just with a whole lot less sex, drama or intrigue.
Update:  PJ Tattler notes the mole misses the message in his tale...
Update II:  Fox staffer Joe Muto found and fired in less than 24 hours...good career move there, I strongly suspect no other network will ever pick you up now.  Your usefulness is over.
Joe Muto, bad career move?

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