Joe Scarborough is a cowardly tool and has to dance to his masters at MSNBC...

Joe Scarborough calls for Romney to apologize for Allen West?  Why should Mitt Romney apologize for Allen West?  This is in response to Hillary Rosen's back firing comments about Ann Romney?  This is why prostitution is so demeaning, because you have to do nasty things like this.  Then again, who knows, maybe Joe Scarborough likes his job.

Mediate has the interaction between Michael Steele and Peggy Noonan in response to Joe Scarborough's idiotic question:

“Why are you connecting the two?” Steele asked Scarborough. 
“No, no, it’s me. It’s me here,” said Scarborough, silencing the others. “I’m asked a question and, Peggy, let me answer. No, I’m going to answer it first. He asked me a question, I’m going to answer it, and then you can respond.” 
And, so, he did: 
Here we have a cable news pundit that has shut down the political discourse over the past 24 hours when a sitting United States congressman says something deeply, deeply offensive. And no Republican has spoken out against that. Does nobody see there’s a little bit of inconsistency here, Peggy? Do you distance yourself from Allen West’s comments? 
“I don’t need to distance myself, Joe,” said Noonan. “You are being mischievous.” These are two different stories, she emphasized, adding that West’s comment was nothing short of “absurd” and called back to an “unfortunate time” in our nation’s history.
Mischievous is not the word I would use to describe what Joe Scarborough is doing here, but I appreciate that Michael Steele and Peggy Noonan had the good sense to push back on this.

And the lefty blogs like Raw Story and Crooks and Liars are all over this (trying desperately to change the current narrative)  The left really really really do not want Hillary Rosen's gaffe to attach to the White House, because this kills what they thought was their best game for attacking Romney and the GOP (the make believe war on women).  The cowards at Raw Story just banned me for this comment:
Why would Romney apologize for West's remark?  Because West endorsed him?  West also corrected himself afterwards.   The problem here is we all know Hillary Rosen was coordinating her remarks with the White House and she screwed up.  And Team Obama made sure she took one for the Team.   
Update:  I can comment again at The Raw Story  (at least for now), so I guess my ban is lifted.

That this story is backfiring on the White House and it bothers the left.  A lot.  They consider Ann Romney a threat and tried to take her out.   Hillary Rosen's comments were no more spontaneous than George Stephanopolous' comments about contraception at the GOP debate.  Instead they made her look better and them worse in comparison.  Ann Romney was smart to strike back and defend herself when they went after her.  As Michelle Malkin is noting, they also managed to drive conservatives toward Romney and focusing the attack back on the White House.  The Democrats do not want to discuss the economy or oil prices or anything other than this make believe "war on women" that they contend the right is waging.

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