A really tiny political "scandal" not worth talking about...

Just a reminder that the recent Newsweek cover, while a refreshing departure from lamestream media outlets shilling for Obama, is not a signal things have fundamentally shifted.  Here is an example:  A Republican congressman got drunk and skinny dipped in the Sea of Galilee.  A year ago.  That is about it.  Beyond the idea of congressmembers going on "fact finding" trips and partying (something both Democrats and Republicans take advantage of all the time), I do not see much of a story here.   But it is an election year and Politico knows that this story will appeal to some of its readers.

The FBI looked into the matter and said there was nothing there to see.

Congressman Yoeder (the skinny dipper) was crushed by that FBI finding.
"The water was really cold!"

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