AMC Hell on Wheels, Season II, Episode 1

I would give you a review of the Season II premier of Hell on Wheels, but I have Dish...
I was a fan of Season One of AMC's Hell on Wheels.   Hell on Wheels is not Deadwood, The Sopranos, or Mad Men, but I like it.  Here is the preview for this week's show.   Here is the preview video for next week.  I am going to have to bite the bullet and order these on iTunes.  Damn Dish TV for dropping AMC.  I would drop Dish, but I am on contract so I will be damned to give them the penalty.  But I will not renew for sure.

Apparently Dish got caught destroying evidence in its lawsuit with AMC.  AMC is seeking over two billion dollars from Dish in that case.  It is scheduled to go to trial in September.  Word is Dish will cut a deal and settle because it is facing some difficult odds.  

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