Crybabies: Now it is raaaaacist to call Obama skinny?

"You can never be too rich or too thin."  Wallis Simpson

Raaaaacist?  All American Blogger does a facepalm sort of post:  Calling Barack Obama skinny is a coded message about race?    Rod Dreher at The American Conservative also notes the faux outrage over this.  What is with that?  I thought being thin was supposed to be a good thing?  Well pretty much everything (if your politics are "wrong") is considered raaaaacist now.  Raaaaacism is a club to beat conservatives with.

So is this Separated at Birth raaaaacist too?  Is it impossible to criticize the President or mock him (which I thought we were entitled to do in this country) without it being called raaaaacist?
Barack Obama and Steve Urklel, Separated at Birth!

Obama's Muse!

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