This is terrible news: Oak Creek, Wisconsin Sikh Temple attacked by a gunman...

Six Sikhs dead...   The shooter was also killed.
What have Sikhs done to anyone?  They are nice people.  They do not engage in terrorism or mess with anyone.  They just want to be left alone.

The shooter, a white male, is believed dead and it appears he operated alone.  His motivations remain, at least so far, unknown.

The two officers who exchanged shots with the suspect were heroes who stopped this shooting (and further deaths and injuries of innocents).
Our prayers and best wishes to the injured.
Tattoos of the shooter led FBI to call this domestic terrorism...(we could speculate but it is best not to)
White Supremacist?  There is a report...
Photograph and name.  No explanation of motive...
More here about shooter's ties to the hate rock scene...
More from Legal Insurrection
Just as a general note:  I know this might shock the left, but us on the right also hate Wisconsin Nazis.

Even if this guy is a white supremacist/neo nazi, if he was acting alone and just flipped (this whole girl friend dumping angle is perhaps part of it)--that makes it more of a hate crime than an act of terrorism.  Terrorism typically implies a conspiracy for a political purpose.  But this person of interest that they want to find suggest the latter.  
Again, this is all speculation.  We can guess, but that is all we are doing.  The police and FBI seem to be holding what they know close and frankly at this point that seems appropriate.

Althouse notes that there were some positive effects, in how the wider community reach out to the Amish after their mass shooting.

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