Todd Akin is not dropping out: Who is to blame for this mess and what do conservatives do now?

Jeff Goldstein has been defending conservatives under fire and criticizing conservatives for buying into leftist and Democrat false outrage for a long time.  And he is disgusted with the Republican establishment for not backing Akin in this latest outrage fest.  Jeff is even disappointed with Levin and Rush on this.

Jeff Goldstein makes some very serious points.  So does Bob Belvedere.  So does McGehee.  I respect them all.

Robert Stacy McCain has a point too:

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Eh. I'm done with it now.
Akin picked a helluva time to do this. It's just wretched stupidity, the exact kind of stupidity we can ill afford at this particular juncture -- like the left tackle who misses his block and permits a sack on 3rd-and-long that kills a comeback drive with time running out in the fourth quarter.
There are gaffes that can be shrugged off as inconsequential. This wasn't one of those. Akin has inflicted serious harm on the Republican Party, and his shameful selfishness -- putting his vanity and ambition ahead of the common good -- should make him a pariah. He will lose, and deservedly so, and taint with his disgrace all those who have supported him.

Personally, I think Akin should have graciously bowed out and avoided this fight at this time.  Because there are other issues more important to be discussing:

Tabula Rasa 
We should have been talking about Democrat politicians having sex in the bushes at public rest stops with 17 year olds they met on Craigslist, Mayor Bloomberg's Brave New urban planning and immigration reform plan, and Newsweek's cover and Niall Ferguson's article.  Or Code Pink's Pussy Parade at the Capital.  Or Obama's weak support in Cook County, Illinois.  Or Romney ahead in Michigan? Or how about Debbie Wasserman Shultz's $30,000 cruise that may have been an undisclosed (and presumably untaxed) comp or may have been her own money (because the 99% can afford $30,000 family cruises).  Or Dinesh D'Souza paying Barack Obama's brother's medical bills for him.    Or infighting in the DNC (again involving Twisted Debbie).  Or Elizabeth Warren getting her Sons of Anarchy groove on or falling behind in the Massachusetts polls.

There are bigger issues at stake (I absolutely agree with Levin and Rush on this).  Akin is very much pro life and I do not have an issue with him standing on that principle.  His interview a few days ago was poorly executed and unfortunately he was in the wrong place, at the wrong time and it blew up.  I defended him at the time.  The circular firing squad now is not helping:  and Jeff, Bob and McGehee are right about that.

So what are we going to do now?

Levin is disgusted with Akin, but he is still supporting him winning.  I assume Akin is going to stay in (I suppose if that PPP poll turns out to be bogus he might reconsider his decision but it is risky after today).  I do not want to see him further damaged from our side.  We have to hope that Akin wins.   Because Claire McCaskill is far worse.   There are arguments to make in Akin's defense and those arguments should be made.  I hope that Missouri Republicans support him and elect Akin.  I hope Akin can get independent support.

But this has been a disappointing couple of days.  And despite what Jeff, Bob and McGehee think (and they are absolutely correct in pointing out the craven hypocrisy of the left and how Republicans play into it), we have some fights to win and better go win them.

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