When Mitt Romney is out campaigning you, you know you are in trouble...

Andrew Malcom has a great article on why the Obama campaign is in trouble.  These two images can sum it up.
Mitt Romney stopping his campaign at a kid's lemonade stand...
Barack Obama waiving at some kid's lemonade stand from his bus as he blows by it...
Axelrod is saying the small turnout at Obama campaign events is because they are limiting turnout?
Mark Steyn parodies it well: 

ROB REINER: The last time Spinal Tap toured America, they were, uh, booked into 10,000 seat arenas, and 15,000 seat venues, and it seems that now, on their current tour they’re being booked into 1,200 seat arenas, 1,500 seat arenas, and uh I was just wondering, does this mean uh…the popularity of the group is waning?
BAND MANAGER DAVID AXELROD: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no…no, no, not at all. We have plenty of time for big stadium gigs. But our focus right now is on intentionally limiting crowds by restricting tickets – to allow the band to better connect with fans.
With the Spinal Tap parody, I cannot get the image of Joe Biden and Wee Man Robert Reich dancing around a miniature Stonehenge at the Democrat Convention out of my head.   
Romney Ryan events are getting plenty of good buzz at the local level.

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