Bill Quick Unleashed...

Bill makes a lot of sense:
In closing, here is what I view as the next battle. The pressure on the GOP House to capitulate to Obama and the Democrats will be enormous. And I view John Boehner as a very weak reed. So if we are to have any hope of limiting the wreckage President Obama will now try to inflict, spines in the House will have to be stiffened by any and every means we can come up with – not to mention the Senate, which will make the decisions on whatever hard-line leftists Obama nominates to the Supreme Court. And understand well: the RINO Ruling Class is already rolling out the meme that Romney’s defeat was caused by his refusal to court Latinos by offering a national amnesty, and by other “conservative” notions he advanced.  In their view, the path to victory is to become just like the victors.  That sound to me more like the path to an early political grave.

I agree no surrender in the House.  We have to take a stand there, win or lose.  We fight on principle and do not compromise when it means giving up on principle.  

I agree immigration reform as visioned by the left is a mistake, but the status quo is killing us now and we do not have the mussel muscle to reform things the way we may want.  So I say go with expanded legal immigration (and if the unions don't like it, pound sand), with a path to citizenship/assimilation and with an emphasis on skills and education rather than refugee/family status (sorry, we have enough Somalis already).  Oh does that make me racist?  Well I am not, it is a religious cultural bias on my part.  Go with a farm worker program for Mexican and Latin American nationals who want to do agricultural work and seasonal landscaping.   Give up on trying to round up illegal for deportation and emphasize fining employers who hire illegals.  It is jobs that draw illegals.  

We also lost Asians to Obama.  So it is not just immigration reform, it is messaging.  And the message is Republicans are white people.  We are trying though candidates like Mia Love and Allen West, and despite their losses last Tuesday, we need more of that not less.  

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