Bjørn Lomborg: Hurricane protections for NYC? Bloomberg needs to do some math...

Bjørn Lomborg takes on Mayor Bloomberg over his plan to save New York from future hurricanes. 
But we might as well face the reality that the so called climate change proponents are not serious.  Did Barack Obama raise climate change in the debates?  Are the Democrats seriously pushing it?  Of course not, Obama is hurt enough in fighting coal and fracking.  So if that is a bridge too far for Democrats, when will they ever seriously take on climate change.  They will not.  Because beyond creating some crony capital programs to benefit their supporters, they do not believe it.  

Even if you believe in man made climate change, it is hardly the most pressing environmental issue we are facing and spending multi trillions on it will actually hurt people and the environment (through the diversion of resources).  The biggest environmental issues are over fishing and habitat preservation (especially in the developing world), not climate change.  We could solve both those problems with a tiny fraction of the money climate change nannies want to spend.  

Hurricane Sandy was not due to climate change. Sea levels from the 1840s to the present have risen about 1 mm to 1.5 mm a year (depending where the measurements are taken).  Now that can add up over time, but we are talking less than a foot (about 255 mm) over 170 years.  Hurricane Sandy was due to back luck.  Hurricane Sandy (a large but relatively low level category 1 tropical cyclone) was made deadly by hitting at a higher than normal tide cycle and due to a combination of meteorological factors. 

But back to Hurricanes and New York City:  Lomborg takes on Bloomberg.

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