Celebrate Guy Fawkes Day!

Oh I know.  The Guy Fawkes of V for Vendetta was adopted by the left and is supposedly a strike out against the reactionary conservative religious right.  Ironic that the Occupy Folks adopted the image of a Roman Catholic involved in a failed November 5, 1605 conspiracy to blow up Parliament.

Images are not always what they appear.  The Obama Administration are more like the villains in that film than Romney Ryan.  Does that mean every conservative is good and every leftist is bad? Of course not. I know plenty of conservatives I would not want in power. And we have seen Republicans (when it comes to spending and cronyism) act very similar to the Democrats.  The only difference between the two parties in that regard is the scale of the corruption (Obama, Reid and Pelosi really out did themselves over the last four years).  Regardless of what happens on Tuesday, we will have to be on guard to whoever is in power.

We also change over time. As that old quote goes, "A young man who isn’t a socialist hasn’t got a heart; an old man who is a socialist hasn’t got a head."

We can do better than Barack Obama.  Like Jimmy Carter before him, Barack Obama is a deeply flawed man to have as President of the United States.  We can do a lot better.  Mitt Romney is hardly perfect, but he is a far better candidate for President than Barack Obama.

I wish Andrew Breitbart was still with us.  He was far more about the message of free speech and thought that V for Vendetta is supposedly trying to promote.  Let's win this for Andrew Breitbart.

I say this not out of personal malice to President Obama, but because I want him peacefully removed from office.  It is time for Barack Obama to go.

Remember remember the 5th of November...

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